The Plain of Puivert is home to a fully registered Gliding Club with facilities for training Pilots. It is open all year round and offers initiation flights for a one off experience, Pilot Training Courses and facilities for experienced Pilots.


Au Petit Verger

Those of our previous guests who have tried the initiation flights describe it as the highlight of the holiday. They speak of following Buzzards and other large birds of prey and of the amazing insight into the topology of the Pyrennees which rises in a series of plateaus to the high peaks just a short distance beyond. The initiation flight usually involves a very different view of the Chateau of Puivert as even the Cathars themselves never saw it. One guest reckoned to have been able to see both the Mediteranean and the Atlantic at the same time and I wasn't there to prove him wrong.

Meterological conditions in Puivert are perfect for gliding all year round (the Club only closes in February) and the Club is very welcoming. Basic accommodation, ideal for a teenager involved in a course, is available on site but the club is situated only a few minutes easy drive from Au Petit Verger. The Planeurs of Puivert can be found at


For further information on the Federation Francaise De Vol A Voile follow including a list of all Gliding Clubs in France.


The Puivert Club Secretary is a regular guest of ours and if you want to fly during your stay with us we will be happy to make arrangements for you.