Our menus


A couple of girls from New Zealand who were touring Europe said our breakfast was the best they had eaten on a three month holiday and Israelis who come from a tradition of Kibbutz life (where you eat everything put before you) have been known to stay at our table until 11.00am, but we are really more interested in the quality.


Au Petit Verger

Au Petit Verger has a large and productive garden with in season, a wide variety of salads, soft fruits, vegetables and of course the produce of the orchard from which it gains its name. All our produce is grown without the use of chemicals though the cows of Puivert have contributed greatly to the quality of the soil.


Our own chickens and ducks, fed only on natural vegetable based products, provide a regular supply of eggs and in due course we expect to be producing our own honey from hives in our forest.


For breakfast you can choose from a variety of options to suit the world wide mix of visitors we can expect to receive in a typical year.


Cereals, yoghurts, croissants and naturally, freshly baked french bread are complimented by fruit juice, coffee, tea or your choice of herb teas. In season we offer a Catalan breakfast of fresh tomatoes with olive oil served on fresh bread or toast. Fresh figs, both green and purple are brought in from the garden. Of course the chickens and ducks contribute too with hard boiled or soft boiled eggs laid that day if you wish. Jams will usually include a homemade pot or two and of course the local honey. If there was any gateaux left over from the night before, even that can appear. But unless you live on a kibbutz, you don't need to eat it all. Just enjoy what you want in an unhurried atmosphere.


Evening meals reflect the same trend, entrees of fresh soups or salads, a meat or fish course with fresh vegetables, a home made dessert and hot beverage, all washed down with generous quantities of good local wine. We believe our menu represents better value than a restaurant meal. Late arrivals can be catered for, as can vegetarians and other dietary requirements. If this sounds too much just ask for a simple menu and we will propose something to you.